Depository Services


Depository Services

The term Demat refers to a dematerialised account for individual Indian citizen to trade in listed stocks or debentures, required for investors by SEBI. In a demat account, investor holds shares and securities electronically instead of its physical possession. A Demat Account is opened by the investor while registering with a registered SEBI broker to enable electronic settlements of trades

A Demat account is electronic book keeping and reduces brokerage charges (which are usually around 2.5%), makes pledging / hypothecation of shares easier, enables quick ownership of securities on settlement resulting in increased liquidity, avoids confusion in the ownership title of securities, and provides easy receipt of public issue allotments or IPOs.

FVM Advisory is a registered member / depository participant of Central Depository Services Ltd. (CDSL) and provides the customers with most secure, convenient and hassle-free demat accounts at the most economical rates.

Benefits to FVM Advisory

FVM Advisory enhances trading experience for customer by proving innumerous benefits and advantages as a depository participant as under:

  • No risk of signature mismatch
  • No risk of forgery
  • No risk of share mutilation
  • No risk of loss of shares either through theft or in transit
  • No stamp duty for transfer of shares
  • Reduces paper work and time
  • Fast settlement cycles
  • You can purchase, hold and sell shares in electronic form
  • Increase in liquidity of your securities because of faster transfer and registration of securities in your account
  • Instant disbursement of non-cash benefits such as bonus, right-issues, etc.
  • Regular account status updates
  • Economical and competitive DEMAT charges.