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Derivatives Market in India, Derivatives Market Live Updates

Derivatives market in India has developed rapidly in the last few years. Indian traders have preferred futures and options as a very smart leveraged play on the stock markets and stock indices. For traders who are looking at increasing their ROI on their trades, you can either opt for futures or options. The added advantage in options is that these are limited risk products as your risk is limited to the price of the option. FVM Securities has a dedicated page for you to get quotes and evaluate specific contracts under futures and options.

Derivatives market in India – How FVM analyses the same…

The derivatives get quotes page on FVM is a one-stop screen for you to evaluate a variety of futures and options contracts. You can focus on index futures, index options, stock futures or stock options. You can also select the index or stock of your choice and delve deeper into that particular contract. Above all, you can also drill deeper into different monthly contracts like near month, mid-month and far month contracts. Here are 4 key analytics you can get from the FVM Securities Derivative Market Live Updates page…

  • It is possible to get a detailed perspective of specific index futures contracts like Nifty, Bank Nifty, and Nifty IT etc. You not only get the volumes and the price movements on a real time basis but you can also get buy volumes and sell volumes to get a better idea of how the momentum of the contract is shaping. Of course, information on open interest shifts is also available.
  • Stock futures can be evaluated closely using this page. Apart from the price, change in value and the volumes, one can also track the shift in open interest of the stock futures. Above all, the futures price can be juxtaposed with the spot price to help you identify arbitrage opportunities which can earn you risk-less profits in the market.
  • Index options can be drilled down to specific call and put options. Additionally, you can also get into specific strikes. You can also evaluate the shifts in open interest in various strikes as well as the movements in the IV and the PCR of various options. This not only gives you cues on the options contract but also on the markets as a whole.
  • Stock options are useful as a trading view on the stock as well as a hedge against your cash market positions. You can scour the puts page to check how you can hedge your positions and create protective put strategies. You can also check the IVs for various strikes and the PCR shifts to identify signals on the stock.

The Derivatives Market Live Updates page on FVM Securities is a goldmine of information. You can seek the data you specifically want and use the data for a finer analysis. It is your guide to hedging and for trading.