Closed IPOs in India, Recently Closed IPOs List in NSE & BSE

Closed IPOs in India play two important roles. Firstly, closed IPOs give a quick idea of how IPOs have performed in the recent past and that can be a guide for the future. Secondly, Closed IPOs list in NSE & BSE can also be evaluated based on the real time price and compared with the issue price. A good post listing performance is a signal that the IPO market is still healthy. If more IPOs are quoting at premium post listing, then it is a good sign of the health and attractiveness of the IPO markets. It also means that companies are likely to find it easier to raise funds in the primary markets.

Here is what you must know about FVM’s Closed IPOs in India analysis…

The page is a gathering of all the IPOs that have closed and subsequently listed on the stock exchanges. Each of the IPO is also clickable wherein you can drill down for more information into the closed IPO. The Closed IPO page can help you evaluate the following:

  • You can get quick idea of the listing price of the stock versus the discovered price of the IPO. This is a good indicator how the stock reacted to the subscription information and the pricing of the IPO.
  • You can drill down into the fundamentals of the IPO. You can read up the business description of the company, the brief financials of the company, the price range and the finally discovered price of the IPO etc.
  • The IPO page acts as a one-stop ready reckoner of all the IPOs that have hit the market in the recent past. It thus gives you a short term view of the IPO performance as well as a longer term view of the IPO performance.

Why is IPO analytics important?

>Indian IPO market has been a distinct asset class for many years. However, post 2010 IPO markets were in the doldrums. The IPO market has again picked up steam since the beginning of 2016 and the trend has continued through 2017 too. A reasonable pricing of the IPO, healthy subscription figures, active participation from retail and institutions are all important consideration in the success of an IPO. The IPO page is intended to focus on IPOs as an asset class. IPO markets are distinct from secondary markets in the sense that they actually facilitate raising of fresh capital and therefore play an important role in allocation of capital and distribution of risk. That is why this page becomes doubly important.