Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds Company in India, Best Mutual Funds to Buy in 2018

If you want to evaluate the best mutual funds company in India or if you are looking to buy the best mutual funds in 2017 then this could be the page for you. The Fund Profile page on LKP Securities takes a logical view to fund performance. Mutual funds have emerged as the preferred investment avenue for retail investors and HNI investors as it helps to create wealth in the long term in case of equity funds and get protection and regular income through debt funds. The Mutual funds page on LKP Securities is a one-stop screener for identifying the best mutual funds to buy in 2017.

Mutual Funds profile in LKP Securities page…

The page provides a variety of analytics for various mutual fund AMCs in India. In fact, you can select the specific mutual funds company in India and drill down into the analytics of the fund. Here is what you can do through this page…

  • You can view the details of the scheme including the assets under management (AUM) of the specific fund, the fund options available, the specific fund manager along with their vintage as well as the NAV of the fund. The entry load applicable and the minimum amount investable in the fund are also covered in this profile page.
  • Mutual fund returns are the key criteria for identifying which fund to invest in. Normally, mutual funds are long term investments and a return period of 3 years or 5 years is ideal. However, the page also provides return information for shorter period like 1 month, 1 quarter and 1 year so that you can also assess the consistency of the fund performance.
  • The page also covers the mutual fund portfolio in detail. Whether you are investing in an equity fund, debt fund or a liquid fund, your primary concern is to take a look at the portfolio of the fund. You want to ensure that the portfolio is not too concentrated and that the fund manager is not taking too much risk in the fund. All these factors can be evaluated on the page.
  • Lastly, the funds page also provides useful analytics. Funds are not just about returns but also risk. You also need to understand the returns on a risk-adjusted basis to evaluate whether the fund is actually generating returns for every unit of risk undertaken. In case of debt funds you can also evaluate the maturity profile and the duration to position yourself accordingly in case of shifts in interest rates.

The Mutual funds page on LKP Securities is also an actionable page where you get useful directions for actual investment. You can gather information on mutual fund collections, mutual fund flows into markets and shifts in mutual fund AUMs. You also get NFO updates in case you are interested in new issues. Above all, the page also focuses on very useful calculators and tools for calculation of absolute returns; portfolio returns and also in mirroring returns you will get on a systematic investment plan (SIPs). After all, SIPs have been the lifeline of retail investors in India in the last few years!